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Managing your association’s storm water

If your association is required to manage a storm water system then you already know that this can be a complicated issue to deal with. In 1991, regulations were established to protect North Carolina’s water source and any new condo or community developments are required to have storm water permits. Even if your community was built long before 1991, you’re still required to comply with state regulations as well as any regulation on the municipal level. When new communities are being developed, builders must submit a plan detailing how they plan to handle storm water to obtain the appropriate permits. Once the project is completed, the permit often transfers to the community association. Sounds like a lot to deal with, right? See how the guidance of a professional association management company can make this process less arduous and more manageable for all parties involved.  Read More

Is Your Association Facing Capital or Large Deferred Maintenance Projects?

The majority of condominiums and communities along the NC and SC coasts were developed starting in the mid-80s. Now, nearly 30 years later, many of these associations are now facing large capital or deferred maintenance projects. Some common ones are new roofs, window/door replacement and parking lot improvements, all of which can be very costly for associations. Hopefully some funds have already been set aside if your association is handling projects of this size. However, when money isn’t readily available through reserves, there are other options – loans, special assessments or combining one or both of these options with existing reserve funds. An association could always choose to wait on taking care of these large maintenance items but that isn’t typically the best option. What should your association do if facing a large maintenance project? The assistance of professional association managers can guide you through these decisions and leave your association members feeling assured that the community its interests are being considered and properly cared for.  Read More

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