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Architectural Rules and Policies During the Political Season

In this "Ask the Experts" webinar, presented by Attorney Adam Beaudoin of Ward & Smith, P.A., we delve into "Architectural Rules and Policies During the Political Season". Mr. Beaudoin begins with an overview of the hierarchy of governing documents before diving into a discussion on board authority as it relates to architectural rules and guidelines in community associations. You'll have the opportunity to learn more about how to determine if architectural guidelines are enforceable, if the association has the authority to adopt certain rules and guidelines, proper procedures for adopting architectural rules and the process for approval of such. Mr. Beaudoin then goes over some challenges he's seen community associations face when it comes to architectural guidelines and gives some advice on how to best avoid those. 

The presentation ends with an overview of how associations can best handle the posting of political signs in their communities during this contentious election season.