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CAI NC Legislative Action Committee

The Legislative Action Committee (LAC) is urgently seeking contributions from homeowners associations to fund its lobbying efforts with the N.C. General Assembly.  The LAC hopes to have all associations donate the sum of $1 per household in their association on an annual basis - hence, the "Dollar-a-Door" campaign.  The LAC is also seeking donations from management companies and affiliated business partners.  We need assistance in getting the word out and explaining why your donations are so important to the work of the LAC.  Please find some frequently-asked questions and answers to help you in facilitating donations. 

What is the Legislative Action Committee (LAC)?  
The LAC is an independent group of 16 members, made up of interested homeowners, managers, and affiliated business members of CAI who review, advise, and lobby the N.C. Legislature on pending or proposed legislation that would affect the operation of homeowners associations in North Carolina.

What does the LAC do?
The LAC is instrumental in lobbying the Legislature on pending or proposed legislation that affects HOA's.  For instance, in the current legislative session, Senate Bill 563 has been proposed which would require licensure of all association managers and would place oversight of managers with the N.C. Real Estate Commission.  In addition, House Bill 336 has been introduced requiring the formation of a study commission to evaluate and propose recommendations regarding assessment and record-keeping practices of homeowners associations.  Without proper funding, the LAC would be unable to effectively communicate and lobby legislators regarding the impact these bills could have on association finances and the association management industry generally. 

Why does the LAC need funding?
The LAC employs a lobbyist, currently Henry Jones of Jordan, Price, Wall, Gray, Jones & Carlton, PLLC, to effectively transmit and communicate its position to House Members and Senators in the N.C. General Assembly.  During this 2015 legislative session, homeowners associations are certainly in the "crosshairs" of certain legislators, and the costs of defending the purpose and powers of homeowners associations are growing increasingly more expensive.

Where does the LAC normally get its funding?
The LAC normally gets its funding in small monthly grants from CAI National.  It has also requested and received special funding from CAI-NC.  However, such funding is no longer sufficient and further fundraising is now necessary to fully fund the LAC's lobbying efforts.

How do I contribute?
Your support helps protect your rights under the law. Donate here to support the Legislative Action Committee (LAC).  Thank you for your support!