About CAMS

New Compliance Inspection Process

Here at CAMS, we have been working on creating a brand-new inspection and violation notice process in hopes of alleviating some of the stress your Board may have been experiencing in dealing with these items. Our hope is that these new procedures will allow your Board and Community Manager more time to focus on carrying out the important business functions of your association as well as encourage a spirit of compliance within your community. 

You will soon notice some changes on how CAMS handles property inspections and subsequent violation notices. We want to make sure you understand what is going to be handled a little differently and, perhaps more importantly, why.

1. Clearly Stating Rules and Regulations – You can’t enforce rules without having the solid ground on which to do so, right? To help ensure your association’s rules are clear, your Community Manager will carefully go over the Association’s Governing Documents to compile a list of enforceable rules. After working together to identify a master list, your Community Manager will also help your Board come up with a shorter list of “key compliance standards” – these will perhaps be commonly found compliance concerns that are of highest importance to your association. Having this list of key compliance standards will help ensure that CAMS and the Board are putting forth a concerted effort to set proper expectations between all parties.

2. Identifying Instances of Non-Compliance – Consistency is key when it comes to identifying rule infractions. To ensure uniformity is maintained, CAMS has outlined a method that will effectively streamline the inspection process. Compliance inspections will be conducted in accordance with the Association’s Enforcement Policy and the basis for noted infractions will be the Association’s specific enforceable rules and regulations and the list of Board priorities.

3. Following a Standard Rule Enforcement Process – It is important that your Association has an established rule enforcement process. This helps ensure consistency, reduces liability and set clear expectations. We have reviewed the language used in our violation notices and made appropriate changes to ensure that notices are clear and concise. Owners will have the ability to respond directly to notices via their Owner Portal should they have any questions or concerns.

Our hope is that this new streamlined process results in more effective enforcement, quicker resolution of violations, improved communication, a higher level of compliance within the Community and ultimately a higher standard of care for the property and level of overall service for our clients. 

As always, we appreciate you working with us through this transition and are here to answer any questions you may have regarding the changes to violation inspection procedures.

If your board would like to learn more about compliance inspections, please reach out to the experts at CAMS via your portal or at 877.672.2267.