Common Property Owners Association Terms Defined

In order to fully understand the functions of a property owner's association or to know your role if you are on the board of directors, it is especially important that you understand the various terms used in the industry. Here are the definitions of common property owners association terms.  Read More

Top 5 Questions About Association Assessments

When it comes to community and condominium associations, one of the hottest topics is assessments, often referred to as dues. After 25 years of managing associations , we’ve learned that when it comes to finances and payments, there is a lot of discussion and, many times, confusion.

To help understand what association assessments are, how they work, and why they matter, we’ve provided answers to the top five questions we get asked about association assessments.  Read More

How do you Make Changes To Your Association's Governing Documents?

Community and condominium associations are implemented by the developer of the community or condominium. For some associations, this can mean that they are governed by documents that may be quite old, outdated or not the right fit.

The good news is that the members of community and condominium associations can make changes to their declarations, covenants, bylaws, rules and regulations (commonly referred to as governing documents.) The members can amend, modify and revise various elements of their governing documents. However, any changes must be done thoughtfully and with strong attention to proper procedure. To understand how to go about making change.  Read More

Starting a Landscape Plan As A Property Owners Association

Anything you do within your community association should always start out with a good plan. Your ground maintenance/landscaping is no exception. Start out with your board of directors or landscape committee submitting a request for proposal (RFP) and this will get the process moving. For more details on what to include in your landscape plan.  Read More

CAMS Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Over the past 25 years, CAMS has grown to become one of the industry leaders in Community association management throughout North and South Carolina. One large reason for our success is our continuous focus on development and improvement of our staff, processes, accounting and call center. To learn more about our history and accomplishments over the years  Read More

Managing your association’s storm water

If your association is required to manage a storm water system then you already know that this can be a complicated issue to deal with. In 1991, regulations were established to protect North Carolina’s water source and any new condo or community developments are required to have storm water permits. Even if your community was built long before 1991, you’re still required to comply with state regulations as well as any regulation on the municipal level. When new communities are being developed, builders must submit a plan detailing how they plan to handle storm water to obtain the appropriate permits. Once the project is completed, the permit often transfers to the community association. Sounds like a lot to deal with, right? See how the guidance of a professional association management company can make this process less arduous and more manageable for all parties involved.  Read More

Is Your Association Facing Capital or Large Deferred Maintenance Projects?

The majority of condominiums and communities along the NC and SC coasts were developed starting in the mid-80s. Now, nearly 30 years later, many of these associations are now facing large capital or deferred maintenance projects. Some common ones are new roofs, window/door replacement and parking lot improvements, all of which can be very costly for associations. Hopefully some funds have already been set aside if your association is handling projects of this size. However, when money isn’t readily available through reserves, there are other options – loans, special assessments or combining one or both of these options with existing reserve funds. An association could always choose to wait on taking care of these large maintenance items but that isn’t typically the best option. What should your association do if facing a large maintenance project? The assistance of professional association managers can guide you through these decisions and leave your association members feeling assured that the community its interests are being considered and properly cared for.  Read More

CAMS and Benchmark Management Group Join Forces in North Myrtle Beach

Community Association Management Specialists (CAMS) is pleased to announce that they are expanding their business by merging with Benchmark Management Group, a North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina based association management company. CAMS is excited to undertake the opportunity to bring their 25+ years of community management expertise to a new market. CAMS’ years of experience, combined with Benchmark’s 20 years, is sure to create a successful business venture that will be mutually beneficial to both the Wilmington and Myrtle Beach areas.  Read More

Termite Control In Your Community Association

One of the most critical factors in the maintenance of multifamily buildings is termite control. Who pays for these services? Where this cost falls is determined but what type of association you’re dealing with. There are two main types of termite treatments (a bond and a control warranty) and there are several variations within those categories. Which one suits your association? Are there time limits on these services? Do they cover all termite related damages? There are things your association needs to know when it comes to selecting, renewing and paying for termite treatment services. See how a professional association management company can assist you in making these crucial decisions.  Read More

What to Know About Marina Association Management

If you own a boat slip in a yacht club or similar facility, you are likely a member of a marina association. One very important factor in marina association membership is the association’s designation – is it considered a condominium association or a non-profit? The difference between the two determines which general statute under which your association falls. Do you own your slip or do you simply retain rights to it? Who owns the common areas and amenities? How is the association taxed? These are just a few of the concerns facing marina association members; get some answers and one expert’s thoughts here.  Read More

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