Community Manager Licensing in North Carolina - What's Happening?

HB 514, SB 563 - It's twins!!! 

Following the pattern for the last 10 years, not just one, but two bills have been introduced to create Community Manager licensing. The text of these two bills is identical, covering a wide range of issues -- not just basic licensing - including:

Community Manager Licensing - Mandatory requirement to have a criminal check for all who provide normal services for
community associations. This also applies to any private community association manager schools. A roster will be
maintained of all Community Managers.  Read More

CAI NC Legislative Action Committee

The Legislative Action Committee (LAC) is urgently seeking contributions from homeowners associations to fund its lobbying efforts with the N.C. General Assembly.  The LAC hopes to have all associations donate the sum of $1 per household in their association on an annual basis - hence, the "Dollar-a-Door" campaign.  The LAC is also seeking donations from management companies and affiliated business partners.  We need assistance in getting the word out and explaining why your donations are so important to the work of the LAC.  Please find some frequently-asked questions and answers to help you in facilitating donations.   Read More

What's on the Agenda? Manager Licensing or Certification

During the 2014 General Assembly session, a bill was introduced that, if it had passed, would have implemented mandatory licensing of community and condominium managers and placed it under the control of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. The CAI NC Legislative Action Committee (NC LAC), working along with other organizations, managed to prevent this bill from becoming law. What makes this attempt to assign Community Manager licensing authority to the Real Estate Commission unusual is that the Commission's leaders have publicly stated, multiple times, that they don't want that responsibility. Based on data we have received from multiple persons familiar with this legislation, it is highly likely it will be introduced again in the 2015 legislative session. The CAI NC LAC is prepared to work against the passage of this unwanted bill, but believes that a more positive and long term approach is needed.  Read More

Tips to Keep Your Community Association Board Meeting Shorter

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