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Making Meetings Count: How to Reach a Quorum Through Proxies
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Annual and special meetings require homeowner votes for new board members, assessment increases, capital improvement projects, and amendments to the association’s governing documents. The goal is to reach a quorum—a minimum number of members who must be present for business to be validly transacted.Some community associations ...
What to do if There are Insufficient Reserve Funds
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What are reserve funds and what are they used for? Reserve funds are broken down into capital and non-capital expenses; capital would be replacing a roof; non-capital would be painting. These are IRS terms really, but for HOAs reserves are in general a savings account saving up to take care of long-term repairs and replacement &mdash...
Who is Responsible for Repairs and Maintenance?
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Homeowners often have differing views of their individual homeowner’s associations (HOA). One thing everyone can typically agree on is that one of the primary responsibilities of an HOA is to maintain common areas throughout a neighborhood or development. If a storm trashes a playground, pool or clubhouse, walking trails or pond, th...
The Value of Partnering with Financial Institutions
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Community management companies, like the rest of the world, are being targeted for fraud and the threats are growing. This includes people attempting to cash fake checks at local banks, embezzlement, and cyber fraud via email and the internet.   It’s not easy or quick to determine fraud is happening, either; the average sc...
Protecting Your Home from Floods
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The concept of flood zones has been changing as more areas which historically haven’t flooded have begun seeing more instances of water intrusion whether it be from rain, nearby bodies of water or a combination of both. There are more than 20,000 communities in the United States which have been placed into a category of flood zones ...
Lessons From Hurricane Florence
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Many in the Carolinas are still catching their breath after Hurricane Florence, even as we enter into another season of hurricane preparedness. Here at CAMS, we’re taking what we’ve learned and adding it to our playbook containing 30 years of best practices in professional community association management -- what to do, a...
Is It Time to Reorganize Your Association’s Files?
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If your community association has been around a while, it’s probably safe to say it has amassed some paperwork over the years.As warmer weather leads many of us to turn our attention to spring cleaning, it can be tempting for association board members to focus their sights on those dusty old files.Before you toss those folders or sh...
Ditch the Jargon: Simple Tips for Effective Management
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As we at CAMS know all too well, at times it can seem as if community management professionals are speaking their own language.HOA, POA, CAI, AMS, CMCA...all that acronym-speak can be harder for homeowners to decode than a teenager’s texts.Before you get too bogged down in abbreviations and industry jargon, what you really need to k...
Guidelines for Creating Community-Friendly Association Rules
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Let’s face it, we all need rules. Knowing what’s acceptable and – perhaps more importantly, what isn’t – helps set standards and define expectations and consequences. Knowledge of what is and isn’t acceptable also generally provides a structure for successful management and peaceful coexistence whether...
Will a Management Company Take Control of My Neighborhood?
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In a word, no.Professional management companies, like us here at CAMS, serve to assist and provide guidance to homeowners’ associations, not take over. We do that through a number of duties and in a variety of ways, but what we don’t do is adopt budgets, approve contracts, establish special assessments and set policies. The au...

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