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Board Member Boot Camp Part 2: Compliance, ARC, and Pitfalls to Avoid
In a previous article, we discussed some of the topics board members must be familiar with in order to serve successful terms on their community’s board of directors. This second part of “...
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Large-Scale Community Associations
Communities that are considerably bigger than your average neighborhood are, in the community management industry, referred to as large-scale communities. And, as you might imagine, the needs of these...
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Community Association Meetings: What You Need to Know
For those who own property in homeowners’ associations, it is important to understand the different types of association meetings that take place throughout the year. It is especially important ...
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How to Increase Homeowner Participation in Your Community
Homeowners can often have differing views of their community associations — some positive, some negative —  depending on their source of information and experiences in the community. ...
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Community Association Roles
A community association is truly just that – a group comprised of representatives of the  entire community with the community’s best interest in mind. It’s a simple but import...