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Large-Scale Community Associations
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Communities that are considerably bigger than your average neighborhood are, in the community management industry, referred to as large-scale communities. And, as you might imagine, the needs of these communities sometimes differ a bit from those of your standard-sized community. Depending on the size of these communities, the amenities t...
Community Association Meetings: What You Need to Know
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For those who own property in homeowners’ associations, it is important to understand the different types of association meetings that take place throughout the year. It is especially important that board members not only understand the different types of meetings but the rules surrounding who can and should attend these meetings, h...
How to Increase Homeowner Participation in Your Community
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Homeowners can often have differing views of their community associations — some positive, some negative —  depending on their source of information and experiences in the community. New homeowners that buy a home that has an HOA may not fully understand the positive impact the association can have on their experience liv...