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What Community Associations Should do During the Coronavirus Pandemic
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Content provided by James Slaughter of Black Slaughter & Black, PA. Original article appeared in The Washington Post and can be found here.How do you practice social distancing when you live communally and share services, amenities and even hallways and elevators with neighbors? That’s one of many questions on the minds of commu...
When Your Association Should Consider a Buydown Policy
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Insurance coverage is one of the many important aspects of managing and protecting community assets that HOA boards of directors must keep in mind. If associations are faced with large deductibles, one option to consider is a buydown deductible policy. Buydown insurance policies can sometimes prove to be a great benefit to homeowner&rsquo...
NC Community Association Legislative Update – May 10, 2019
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Yesterday, May 9, 2019 was the “crossover deadline” in the North Carolina General Assembly. In short, that means that bills not related to taxes or spending must have passed one chamber to be eligible for consideration during the two-year legislative session. CAVEAT: In terms of legislation, “dead” doesn’t al...
Managing New Startup Condominiums and Communities For Developers
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Managing startup condominiums and communities is a unique job. There should be a community manager with experience working as part of a team, and that team should include other professionals in addition to the developer.    Typically, the development team will hire surveyors, engineers, architects, land planners and other specia...
Termite Control In Your Community Association
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If you live in a condominium or a community with multifamily buildings, it is important for the condominium or property owners’ association, as well as the individual owners of the units, to know who maintains and pays for the annual termite warranty/bond and structure retreatment when the time comes.   For condominiums, the as...