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Want to be an Amazing Neighbor? Five Ways to Start (And Some Things to Avoid)
With Americans spending more time at home than ever these days, being a good neighbor is of the utmost importance. Sure, not many people are actively trying to be bad neighbors, but if you sit down an...
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How to Handle Increasing Member Assessments
Having a proper, fiscally responsible budget in place is necessary for the successful operation of any homeowner’s association. Just as with any budget, income and expenses must be considered - ...
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Making Meetings Count: How to Reach a Quorum Through Proxies
Annual and special meetings require homeowner votes for new board members, assessment increases, capital improvement projects, and amendments to the association’s governing documents. The goal i...
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How to Increase Homeowner Participation in Your Community
Homeowners can often have differing views of their community associations — some positive, some negative —  depending on their source of information and experiences in the community. ...