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Communicating in a Crisis: Part 1 – Defining a Crisis and Preparing Communication
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In our July "Ask the Experts" webinar, we heard from Attorney Morgan Bryant of McCabe, Trotter & Beverly, P.C. on Communicating in a Crisis. Though this topic is particularly relevant in today's environment, it is one that is always of special importance to board members as it touches on communications not only surroundi...
Hurricane Season: How to Ensure You're Prepared
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Though June 1st marks the official beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, the southeastern United States doesn’t typically see the height of its storm activity until further into the season (which doesn’t officially end until November 30th). As we approach the latter part of the summer season, CAMS would like to share som...
Renewing Your Association’s Insurance Policies
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One of the most complex issues faced by HOA boards of directors is securing appropriate insurance coverage for the association. A number of factors go into determining what types of policies are needed, what can and should be covered by those policies, the amount of coverage needed and how to obtain the best rates possible. In addition, d...
When Your Association Should Consider a Buydown Policy
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Insurance coverage is one of the many important aspects of managing and protecting community assets that HOA boards of directors must keep in mind. If associations are faced with large deductibles, one option to consider is a buydown deductible policy. Buydown insurance policies can sometimes prove to be a great benefit to homeowner&rsquo...
Lessons From Hurricane Florence
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Many in the Carolinas are still catching their breath after Hurricane Florence, even as we enter into another season of hurricane preparedness. Here at CAMS, we’re taking what we’ve learned and adding it to our playbook containing 30 years of best practices in professional community association management -- what to do, a...