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Maintenance, Repair and Replacement in HOAs & Condos (Including Hurricane and Casualty)
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Prior to Hurricane Dorian our firm again sent out emergency contact information (emails and cell phone numbers) for all our community association attorneys. The thought behind doing this before significant storms is that in the event of HOA or condo damage, immediate advice may be needed on who is responsible for making and/or paying for ...
NC Chapter of Community Associations Institute – Annual Conference a Great Success!
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This year’s annual conference of the NC Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI), which was held in Wilmington, NC, saw a record 298 attendees and nearly 500 overall participants. CAMS Co-Owner and CEO, Mike Stonestreet, has the honor of serving as President of the NC Chapter for 2019 and was given the opportunity to sp...
Lessons From Hurricane Florence
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Many in the Carolinas are still catching their breath after Hurricane Florence, even as we enter into another season of hurricane preparedness. Here at CAMS, we’re taking what we’ve learned and adding it to our playbook containing 30 years of best practices in professional community association management -- what to do, a...
Being A Member Of CAI Has Its Benefits
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 If you serve on the board of your association, we applaud your time and dedication to being an active part of your community. Being on the board can be rewarding as a voice and representative of homeowners within your community, but it also can be overwhelming when it’s time to look at the fiscal year budget spreadsheet a...
Community Association Roles
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A community association is truly just that – a group comprised of representatives of the  entire community with the community’s best interest in mind. It’s a simple but important distinction, since opinion on the specific role of a community association can vary. There are three forms of management:Volunteer or ...
Protecting Community Association Funds
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Everyone understands the importance of keeping personal assets in order. It’s no surprise, then, that managing a community association’s finances is a critical function of any association’s board of directors. And, as part of that management, it’s crucial to ensure an association is protected in the unfortunate ev...
POA Budget Planning: Five Tips for Understanding RMI Sales Tax
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For many, the new year ushers in a fresh start, full of resolutions to get fit, eat right and lose weight.But for those on community or condominium association boards, the new year also signals the return of an often tedious and stressful task – budget planning.There are plenty of tips to alleviate that stress, including setting asi...
Well Informed Community Associations Make For Happier Residents
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Being involved with a condominium or community association can sometimes make you feel like a Jack-of-all-trades. Homeowners often expect professional managers and community volunteers – officers and board and committee members – to know something about, well, just about everything. We are expected to be attorneys and landsc...
Preparing The Pool for Summer
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Spring has arrived, which means swimming pool season is just around the corner.  Pools are an attractive and important amenity for a lot of condominium and community associations, since it is a facility used by so many residents - infants, retirees, families, fitness seekers, sunbathers, couples and individuals alike. As winter com...
Transition Your Association From The Developer To The Members
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For every association, there is a point when members should take over leadership and control from the developer. An association’s declaration and bylaws will stipulate when the developer is required to turn control of the association over to the members. (For more on Declarations and Bylaws see my article about common HOA terms...

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