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Tips to Keep Your Community Association Board Meeting Shorter

You might think there's no way your board can have just a one hour meeting, but with these tips we think you can.  

The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that everyone on your board is prepared, has received the agenda, knows the topics that will be discussed and is ready to make a decision by the time they hear the information from other board members at the meeting.  

If you use Parliamentary Procedures,  just remember in a small group this procedure is a little more relaxed then if you are having a meeting with a larger group of 200+ people.  The best way to decide if you are going to use Parliamentary Procedures is to have a discussion with the board members and everyone will decide together.  It is easy to learn how to make a motions. You first make a motion, have a discussion then make a decision.   The other thing you can do with Parliamentary Procedures is to use 2 important tools. 1) If the conversation keeps going around in circles and you're the chair of the meeting, you can make an informal motion.  The way to do this is to simply say, "If  there is no objection, we can make the decision to…".  2) Another tool you can use is for a board member to "Call the question", which is used when the discussion is going on forever and a member of the board, not the presiding officer,  can say "I call the question." This will shut down the discussion and you can move on to a vote.
It is also helpful to use a timed agenda as this helps the board be more disciplined to march through the topics.  The manager or the President that actually prepares the agenda should carefully determine how many minutes are needed for each topic.  This is another way for someone on the board, as well as the presiding officer, to be able to say "we allotted 10 minutes and we are running behind so let's move on to the next topic." 

These are just a few tips that we use to help make board meetings last one hour.  

For additional information on Community Association board meetings or management, contact us at CAMS.  We manage over 250+ community associations, so we have the experience and knowledge to help you run the best meetings possible for your association. 877.672.2267