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CASE STUDY: CAMS Assists Community in Formulating Emergency Preparedness Plan

A sound-front condominium community located in eastern North Carolina experienced severe damage from Hurricane Florence in September 2018. At the time, the community was not under CAMS' management and had not received guidance on best preparing for potential damages before the storm's arrival. Upon partnering with CAMS, the board received guidance on emergency preparedness so their community would be better equipped to handle future hurricanes.


When Hurricane Florence ravaged the NC coast in September 2018, many communities were unprepared since the storm made landfall as a category one. However, Florence moved slowly and brought torrential rains, causing extensive flooding and wind damage. Once the storm passed, the community found itself without a recovery plan. When a new board was elected, they decided to partner with CAMS, and one of their biggest concerns was ensuring their community would be prepared the next time a hurricane-affected the area.

  • Coming up with a hurricane preparedness plan was at the top of the board's agenda when partnering with CAMS.
  • Their new community manager immediately brought the community into CAMS' emergency preparedness plan to provide guidance for future storms.
  • The new board had several concerns as they didn't want to face a similar situation as they had with Florence. However, CAMS team members were able to answer the board's questions and explain the best course of action regarding different scenarios that may arise in the aftermath of a hurricane.


  • Through CAMS' support, the board hired a restoration company that took photos, including aerial shots, to document the property's current condition so those photos may later be used for comparison against storm damages.
  • CAMS assisted the board in developing a solid vendor list so they'd know who to contact to begin remediation work after a storm. 
  • In addition, these vendors are pre-approved by CAMS, licensed, and insured.
  • CAMS has a trusted vendor list that prioritizes CAMS communities; these communities, therefore, receive priority attention when the communities need these vendors.
  • A board member was identified as a primary point of communication during an emergency so the community manager and vendors would know who to contact.
  • The community's specific plan is available in their online portal, so board members can easily access the information at any time.


  • The board members now feel prepared should another storm cause extensive damage to their community.
  • With CAMS' assistance, the board members are free to have as much or as little involvement in the remediation process as they'd like.
  • The board received guidance on the recovery process, including vendors who should be contacted first, as this depends on what damage has been done to the property.
  • The community now benefits from CAMS' e-blasts and extreme weather website, which keeps board members and property owners aware of forecasted storms, when they're expected to hit, and access to several valuable resources.
  • CAMS contacts vendors before a storm hits, giving communities peace of mind knowing that the vendors they need will be ready to hit the ground running once a storm has passed.

Hurricanes can be frightening and stressful, something those who reside on the east coast know all too well. And, not having a plan in place to remediate damages makes the situation that much worse. After Hurricane Florence, many in North Carolina found themselves waiting months or even years for repairs due to widespread damages and supply shortages. Further, there was a risk of not having time to properly vet the vendors that were available. Therefore, having a plan in place when faced with extreme weather is of the utmost importance. With a trusted management partner like CAMS on your side, communities have the assurance that they'll be prepared should the worst occur and that they'll be able to promptly get the attention they need, allowing them to bounce back quickly.

If your community association could use some help navigating unexpected disasters, reach out to the experts at CAMS today on our website or at 888.798.2624 for Trusted Guidance.