When To Call In The Professionals To Advise Your Board

Though one of the ultimate goals of association boards is to be financially sensible, there are times when it would behoove board members to hire professionals to aid in decision making and operations. Board members have certain duties and responsibilities which are outlined in the NC General Statues and it can only be beneficial to all involved to consult people with some degree of expertise in these areas. You don’t always have to hire outside professionals, many community residents or board members may have skills and knowledge that can be employed on voluntary basis. However, associations often recognize the benefits of a professional management company who can handle accounting, founding documents, day-to-day operations and much more. Professional managers may also bring a much-needed sense of neutrality to an association. Keep reading to see more reasons why professional managers may be the perfect fit for your board.   Read More

Changes to Worker's Compensation Act

The General Assembly passed a law this past Session that affects workers' compensation insurance requirements for certain non-profits. These non-profit corporations include those subject to Chapter 47A (Unit Ownership), 47C (Condominium Act), 47F (Planned Community Act), 55A (Non-profit Corporation Act) and 598 (Uniform Unincorporated Association Act) of the North Carolina General Statutes. Under workers' compensation law, the employer/employee relationship includes private employments in which three or more employees are regularly employed in the same business or establishment. More importantly, officers and directors were considered "employees" whether they were volunteers or paid officers. The LAC recognized the negative impact that this law had on our members, as well as many other non-profits, requiring common interest associations to carry and pay for insurance that was not necessary in all cases.  Read More

How to Conduct an Organizational Board Meeting

One of the most critical components of running a successful community association is holding a meeting of board members soon after each election. While some associations may have rules pertaining to how often meetings are held, it is a good idea to have a regular meeting schedule even without these rules. Many important activities are conducted during these meetings, perhaps most importantly the election of officers. While some community rules may reference how many titles and positions are allowed, many boards are free to create as many titles and positions as they’d like. Another great idea is to schedule board meetings well in advance, perhaps even for the whole year. This advanced planning allows members to clear their schedules and also ensures the presence of a quorum at each meeting. Continue reading for more ideas that will help improve the efficacy of your next board meeting.  Read More

Communities That Lack Reserve Fund Studies Face Uncertain Futures

One of the most crucial components of successfully managing an association is conducting a reserve fund study. Managing an association without this is very risky to say the least. When an association finds itself needing a large amount of capital or facing extensive maintenance issues, there are a few options that are available and not all of them are exactly desirable. Continue reading to explore some of the options available to your association and to see why reserve fund studies are always the best choice when it comes to association management.  Read More

Legislative Session Concludes at Last: Outcomes for CAI Stakeholders

CAI’s NC Legislative Action Committee reports a very successful legislative session in its advocacy on behalf of the CAI community. Following is a summary of legislation to which your LAC gave significant attention throughout the two-year session.   Read More


Even though there are not any state statutes that require property owners' associations to have a professional reserve study performed in North Carolina and South Carolina, it is necessary to look at the benefits of having a reserve study. Find out why your property owners' association should consider having a reserve study done.  Read More


Getting ready for the budgets each year is often looked upon as a dreaded task, but it doesn't have to be. We would like to shed some light on the process to help you get through the process with more ease.  Read More


Is your Property Owner Association in compliance with the local and federal laws? Do you know what the laws are? As a 26-year veteran in this industry and as the president of CAMS (Community Association Management Services) I am happy to share my knowledge and insight on this topic.  Read More


Whether your community association already has a management company or you are thinking about getting one, understanding the roles of your community association is important. Learn about the roles of an association from when they are first created to the point of hiring a management company.  Read More

Homeowners and Communities Benefit From Professional Management

Living in a community that is managed by an Homeowner Association has many benefits, but if you've never lived in one then you may not realize how the professional management services can have a direct and positive influence on your neighborhood.  Read More

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