About CAMS

Each day, every member of the CAMS team strives to provide local, Trusted Guidance to the communities we serve. As a community management industry leader since 1991, we have partnered with community associations to provide guidance in just about every situation imaginable.

Here we've provided a few examples of situations some of our communities have faced that, with the assistance of CAMS, they've been able to work through and reach successful outcomes.

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CASE STUDY: Townhome Community Improves Communication by Using Town Hall Meeting
A townhome community in Greenville, South Carolina, was facing financial issues and needed to levy a special assessment to begin much-needed repairs to the community’s common areas. Community me...
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CASE STUDY: CAMS Assists Community in Formulating Emergency Preparedness Plan
A sound-front condominium community located in eastern North Carolina experienced severe damage from Hurricane Florence in September 2018. At the time, the community was not under CAMS' management...
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CASE STUDY: High-Rise Condominium Building Successfully Navigates Water Leak Repairs During Covid-19
A 19-story, 120-unit condominium building in uptown Charlotte, NC, experienced a water leak that affected 20 units across 10 floors of the building during the Covid pandemic.  CAMS worked alongsi...
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CASE STUDY: The Road to a Successful Recovery for a Community Impacted by Hurricane Florence
When a community experienced extensive hurricane damage, CAMS worked closely with the Board of Directors to navigate the extraordinarily challenging post-disaster path and guide the community through ...
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CASE STUDY: Townhome Community’s Quick Actions Aid in Effectively Handling Fire
A community in Myrtle Beach, SC, which consists of 128 two-story townhomes, experienced a devastating fire in one of the units. As soon as the fire was reported, the CAMS team and association Board of...
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CASE STUDY: HOA Successfully Ends Infighting Between Board Members
A community made up of 15 single-family homes located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, was experiencing severe infighting between its board members. This conflict was primarily based on board member...