Service Animals And Your Condominium Or Community Association
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While most communities have a long-established pet policy, it's important to know that the same rules don't apply to service animals, sometimes referred to as assistance animals. Considering the standards for service animals are different than regular pets, here are some general things to consider when dealing with service animals...
Well Informed Community Associations Make For Happier Residents
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Being involved with a condominium or community association can sometimes make you feel like a Jack-of-all-trades. When it comes to community management, knowing a little about a lot is actually a good thing. The more trained and informed the condominium and community managers, volunteers and homeowners are on a variety of issues, the more...
Preparing The Pool for Summer
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Spring has arrived, which means swimming pool season is just around the corner.Pools are an attractive and important amenity for a lot of condominium and community associations, since it is a facility used by so many residents - infants, retirees, families, fitness seekers, sunbathers, couples and individuals alike.As winter comes to a cl...
What Roles Do Owners, Boards and Committees Play Within Community Associations?
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There are various opinions on the role of community and condominium associations. But, generally speaking, the main purpose and authority of the association are to maintain common elements and ensure compliance with the association’s governing documents. Property owner associations typically operate with three bodies of community go...
The Importance Of Protecting Your Association's Money
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One of the most important responsibilities of a property or condominium association board of directors is protecting the association’s funds. In doing so, it is important for the board of directors and management company (if you are professionally managed) to understand the necessary internal controls and available insurance coverag...
New Sales Tax Legislation Affects Property Owners Associations
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A recent North Carolina Sales Tax law has a direct impact on the budget of just about every property owners association. On July 1, the state legislature passed House Bill 1030 - Current Operations and Capital Improvements Appropriations Act of 2016, also known as the “budget bill.”Read More
HOA's: Follow Your Bylaws & Proper Parliamentary Procedure
We are regularly asked by association clients if it really matters how precisely meeting rules are followed. “Can’t we just vote on this proposal by e-mail?” “What’s the consequence if the meeting notice is not exactly right?” Without exception, our advice is always: FOLLOW THE RULES.As an example of &l...
Managing New Startup Condominiums and Communities For Developers
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Managing startup condominiums and communities is a unique job. There should be a community manager with experience working as part of a team, and that team should include other professionals in addition to the developer. Typically, the development team will hire surveyors, engineers, architects, land planners and other specialists to lay...
Transition Your Association From The Developer To The Members
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For every association, there is a point when members should take over leadership and control from the developer. An association’s declaration and bylaws will stipulate when the developer is required to turn control of the association over to the members. While the state has specific timelines and triggers regarding transition to mem...
What To Know Before Buying In A Condominium Or Planned Community
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There are many reasons people buy a home in a condominium or community association. Some great reasons include the availability and shared expense of recreational amenities, architectural style, affordability and social gatherings. However, learning all of the details of a community before purchasing is extremely important. The condominiu...

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