Navigating Local, Federal Laws Can Be Challenging For Property Owners Associations
Is your Property Owner Association in compliance with the local and federal laws? Do you know what the laws are? As a 26-year veteran in this industry and as the president of CAMS (Community Association Management Services) I am happy to share my knowledge and insight on this topic.READ MORE
Does Hiring A Management Company Relinquish Control Of My Neighborhood
Whether your community association already has a management company or you are thinking about getting one, understanding the roles of your community association is important. Learn about the roles of an association from when they are first created to the point of hiring a management company.READ MORE.
Homeowners and Communities Benefit From Professional Management
Living in a community that is managed by an Homeowner Association has many benefits, but if you've never lived in one then you may not realize how the professional management services can have a direct and positive influence on your neighborhood. Find out how HOA Management Services can benefit your community. READ MORE
How to Successfully Live Under a Homeowners Association
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If you buy a condominium, townhouse or single-family home in a newer development, you're likely to become a member of a community association. About 20 percent of Americans live in a community governed by a condo association, homeowners association or co-op board, according to the Community Associations Institute, which educates volun...
NC Community Association Legislative Roundup
Thursday, April 30, 2015 was the all-important “crossover deadline” in the North Carolina General Assembly. Without getting too much into the weeds, bills that are “non-budget” must generally have passed one chamber or the other by the crossover deadline to be eligible for consideration during the 2015/2016 session...
Pool Rules - A Confusing World
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With warmer weather, we’re getting our usual barrage of pool questions.  Many deal with appropriate pool rules and pool signs. Without question, pool issues are one of the more confusing areas of our practice in that there are few absolutes.  That’s particularly the case when it comes to dealing with Fair Housing Act...
Community Manager Licensing in North Carolina - What's Happening?
HB 514, SB 563 - It's twins!!!  Following the pattern for the last 10 years, not just one, but two bills have been introduced to create Community Manager licensing. The text of these two bills is identical, covering a wide range of issues -- not just basic licensing - including: Community Manager Licensing - Mand...
CAI NC Legislative Action Committee
The Legislative Action Committee (LAC) is urgently seeking contributions from homeowners associations to fund its lobbying efforts with the N.C. General Assembly.  The LAC hopes to have all associations donate the sum of $1 per household in their association on an annual basis - hence, the "Dollar-a-Door" campaign.  The LAC is a...
What's on the Agenda? Manager Licensing or Certification
During the 2014 General Assembly session, a bill was introduced that, if it had passed, would have implemented mandatory licensing of community and condominium managers and placed it under the control of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. The CAI NC Legislative Action Committee (NC LAC), working along with other organizations, man...
Tips to Keep Your Community Association Board Meeting Shorter
You might think there's no way your board can have just a one hour meeting, but with these tips we think you can.   The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that everyone on your board is prepared, has received the agenda, knows the topics that will be discussed and is ready to make a decision by the time they hea...

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